The OEW-Organisation for One World is a non-profit organization based in Bressanone. For about 30 years it has been working in South Tyrol for an open society, conscious consumption and sustainable international cooperation.

Being active in the education sector, the organization offers a wide range of projects for schools. Moreover, its public campaigns and events raise awareness of global interrelationships.

Since 2014, the OEW has been publishing the zebra. street paper which offers people in precarious living circumstances a occupation. In addition to inclusion, the focus is above all on coexisting aware of prejudices.

 Around 12,000 media and specific thematic packages can be borrowed from the in-house specialized library One World. Every year, the OEW arranges social internships abroad for young people in Africa and South America.

Together with numerous volunteers, the OEW is promoting the vision of a shared world in which ecological and social sustainability are paramount.

The OEW is a member of the Clean Clothes campaign and the anti-racism network UNITED.


Conscious Consumption

Questioning everyday consumption behavior and raising awareness of fair, social and global cycles through local alternative actions.

Diversity & Togetherness

Promoting sustainably peaceful coexistence in South Tyrol through awareness raising, encounters and discussions.

International cooperation

Supporting competent partners and projects in South America and Africa and enabling young people to have interesting experiences abroad.


We are a creative team with a common goal at heart: to sharpen the critical eye for global interrelationships.